Illumination is the Best Catalyst for Original Thinking

Competent Curiosity is a unique planning consultancy driven by the desire to illuminate. Throughout the centuries, some of humankind’s legendary thinkers have used illumination to shed light on, reveal, and expose unseen things that had previously laid in the shadows.

The marble not yet carved can
hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has.”

- Michelangelo

The Interconnective Planning Consultancy

At the heart of research and strategic planning is the ability to investigate, analyze and interpret complex information. But more importantly, to shed light on that complex information.

We live in an unparalleled era, defined by connectivity.


Curiosity and Insight have been connected and supercharged in ways unforseen even a few short years ago.


Digital and Social have so fundamentally connected almost every aspect of our lives, that everything should be looked at anew.


Big Data connected with Creativity provides opportunities, previously unseen.



As we gather information and data, we filter it with the reality that everything is interrelated and interconnected.


We are only as blind as we want to be.”

- Maya Angelou

While the process is fluid, our approach is action-oriented.

The hard work fuels the magic. Data, numbers, quotes, assumptions only get you part of the way there. True illumination allows you to see beyond the facts. We seek the unexpected.

The most brilliant of thinking fades quickly without action. We translate our work into tangible outputs -- from arming you with actionable  information to fueling Creative Teams with insight.


The simple act of listening is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a competent partner. We always begin our process with pure, unbiased listening.

The sleeves get rolled up here.
At heart, we’re hands’ on researchers, data scientists, archaeologists, humanologists in search of information and insight.


Allow us to demonstrate the power of Competent Curiosity to illuminate your strategic opportunities

We have strategic minds of all types from across the planning continuum, with distinct expertise: Brand, Shopper, Promotion, Digital, Social, E-commerce,
User Experience, Content Strategy, Direct, Experiential.

Core Strategic Offerings

A collection of strategic service categories that form the foundation of our planning offerings. Depending on your needs, we can provide each of these services as a consulting partner to your organization, or as an extension of your strategic planning group.


– Research Consulting

– Primary & Secondary

– Custom (Baseline) Qualitative and 

   Quantitative Research

– Competitive Communication Audits

– Brand Communication Audits

– Category and Cultural Trend Audits 

– Market Landscape 

– Contextual Message Landscape 

– Target Data & Identification


– Target/Audience Analysis

– Data/Analytics Interpretation 

– Segmentation 

– Brand Planning & Development 

– Brand Architecture & Naming

   Nomenclature Strategy

– Shopper Marketing Strategic Planning 

– Promotional Marketing Strategic Planning 

– Digital and Social Strategic Planning 

– Influencer Assessment


– White Space Identification

– Personas

– Super-charge Insights

– Messaging hierarchy

– Decision Journeys

– New Product Launch Strategy 

– Creative Brief Development


Specialized Workshops

These services exist to address more specific needs for your organization. They tend to fall into areas related to training, workshops, or boot camps and can be scheduled for the full organization, marketing departments, or key team members on staff.

– Archetype Workshop

– Brief Writing Workshop

– Insight Training Workshop 

– Brand Essence Workshop

– White Space Optimization Workshop

– Creative Territory Development Workshop

– Creative Concepting/Ideation Workshop

– Creative Direction Online Bootcamp 

– Planning Online Bootcamp


Client Lead-in sentence


We put the right people on the right job at the right time


Co-Founder, Managing Partner,
Chief Curiosity Seeker


Co-Founder, Managing Partner,

Client Solutions Partner


Creative Strategy

& Communications Specialist


Strategic Planner

& Brand Activation Strategist


Strategic Planner

& Research Specialist


Strategic Planner

& Communications Specialist


Strategic Planner

& Social Media Strategist


Give us a closer look

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

- Stephen Hawking


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